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Easyfundraising allows you to buy products from your preferred retailer while making money for the Rotary Club of Consett funds

The following steps should be followed to set up an account with easyfundraising

Go to the website http://www.easfundraising.org.uk

Select 'Create an Account' from the link in the top right hand corner

This will give you an option - click on 'I want to support a good cause'

On the next page type 'The Rotary Club of Consett' in the Cause name area and click on 'Go'

This should show 'The Rotary Club of Consett' from a list. Click on the name and click on 'Go'

This should bring our Club to the top of a list. Click on the green box 'Support this Cause'

You will now be asked to create your account. Complete all the details and then select 'Create My Account

You will then receive an email setting up your account. You can then start shopping through the easyfundraising site which will then take you to the retailer that you want to shop with

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